Equipment classes, Private and Duet Sessions

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Balance. Energy.

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Private and Duet Sessions

Whether you are a beginner Pilates student or one who has practiced for a while, Private and Duet sessions will allow you to further yourself in the Pilates method.  Private and Duet sessions can include working on the Reformer, the Stability Chair, the Tower, the mat or a combination of any of these.

One on one instruction will provide you with specific instruction and feedback designed especially for your body’s needs.  Duet sessions are for only 2 people and provides semi-private instruction at an affordable price.  

Reformer Class   +1 .4027194747

Private or Duet Sessions

Reformer Classes

The Reformer is a piece of equipment that uses spring resistance and your own body weight to increase strength, flexibility, and balance.  The sequence of exercises on the Reformer move the spine in all directions as well as strengthen and balance the muscles in your entire body.

The Reformer is a great piece of equipment for beginners as well as those who are more advanced. Class size is limited to three participants which provides more individualized instruction.